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「プロジェクトの起草、宣伝、実装」というアプローチを通じて、抗生物質耐性に対するソリューションを設計または調査し、特定の国、都市、または機関の特定のニーズに応えます。 私たちの専門知識は多くの分野をカバーしています。






近い将来、さまざまな対象者向けに、AMRレンズを備えたオープンオンラインコースを提案し、政策立案者に公開します。 AMRの進化の源泉、医療行為、地政学とグローバルヘルスセキュリティ、IPC / WASHとアーキテクチャ、ソリューションの費用対効果など、さまざまなトピックが検討されています。

AMR symposia




AMR Think-Do-Tankは、AMRに関するグローバルアクションプラン(GAPAMR)のすべての機能の達成に関する専門知識をもたらします。

- Government engagements and national action plans

- Stewardship, advocacy: public and decision-makers
- Infection prevention and control (IPC) and outbreaks investigations whenever there are suspect cases
- "One Health" FAO, WHO, OIE Human, animal health and the environment.
- Importance of the Environment in AMR rise/spread

- Water and Waste management (WASH Water-Sanitation-Hygiene UN Resolution) and impacts of Climate – Extreme Weather Events on WASH systems, water, wastes, animal waste, health centers.
- Surveillance and Monitoring
- Diagnostics and vaccines
- R&D, intellectual property and innovation
- Economic impact and investments
- E-Health and ambulatory health delivery systems
- Strengthening national health systems in view of the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the UN adopted Universal Health Coverage (UHC/SDGs)
- The issue of Risk management and Global Health Security

With the above objectives in mind, the AMR Think-Do-Tank, Geneva international endeavors to establish a strong presence internationally with a number of actions:

- The production of briefs for decision-makers
- The editing of books, other publications, and advocacy tools
- Ensure a presence on social media
- MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course)

- Holding of seminars, working groups and conferences.


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